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I’m Cristi-Lael. I’m the wife of a wonderful man named Ron. I’m the mom of two beautiful daughters, Tatem and Delaney. I’m a Christian. I’m a Knitter. I’m a bento maker.  🙂

Like many moms, I found making school lunches a complete bore. When Tatem started school, I started out making lunches like the once that my mom made me. However, I quickly got bored and so opted to let her buy school lunch. However, I quickly became disenchanted with the school lunch options. While my daughters’ school is better than some in that it has a salad bar, most of the meals are not all that healthy. A generic weekly menu is a hamburger on Monday, tacos on Tuesday, pizza on Wednesday, corn dog on Thursday, and chicken nuggets on Friday. Not very healthy at all, though my kids love eating it all. Add to that the fact that I was spending $50 a month for just Tatem to eat. I hated writing that check every month. Hated it. But I wrote it because I didn’t think I had another option except to buy prepackaged foods to put in a lunch bag each day. Not only was that just as expensive, but it was boring and wasteful. So, I stuck to the school lunches.

However, then came the time when Delaney would be starting full day kindergarten. That meant $100 a month for school lunches!  There had to be a better way. I started out the 2013/14 school year buy swearing I would make their lunch everyday instead of having them buy. So I went to the store and bought yogurt cups, string cheese, fruit snack pouches, applesauce pouches, and baggies to hold crackers, sandwiches, and loose fruit. And, I made their lunch every day, and felt better. However, I was noticing an unsettling trend. Every time I emptied out their lunch bags at the end of the day, they were filled with a lot of trash. Empty pouches, empty plastic baggies, empty containers. And, not only that, but these prepackaged items were costly! Wasn’t there a better way to make a healthy lunch without all this waste and without breaking the bank?

And that’s when I discovered American bento. I had seen Japanese bento and been in awe of it, but had never really experienced American bento. I started reading bento blogs and discovered that this was the answer I was looking for! I could buy food that wasn’t broken up into prepackaged individual servings, which saved me money and really cut down on the waste. Plus, I could give my girls exactly the amount of food they would eat, which also cut down on waste. And, the best part, I got to make super cute lunches with very little hassle.

This made making lunches a fun endeavor again! I found myself looking forward to lunch making. And my girls started eating better as well because their lunches were cute and exciting. It was a win/win all around.

When I first started making bento lunches in Oct 2013, I would post photos on Facebook to show my friends. So many people said I should start a blog to show my lunches, so I did. 🙂 If I hadn’t had a plethora of bento blogs to get ideas and inspiration from, I never would have had the guts to start making bento lunches and I would still be stuck in a lunch making rut. (and way more broke!) So, I figure it’s only fair that I share my ideas and experience with others who are just starting on their bento path.

In this blog, you will find weekly bento posts showing what I made for my girls and husband, bento supplies reviews and informational posts, and tips and tricks on how to make great bentos for yourself or your loved ones.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about bentos. I’m more than happy to help in anyway I can. 🙂

Happy bento-ing!


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