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Adventures in Bento: November 2-7, 2014

Wow, talk about radio silence, huh? I’m so sorry I’m so late with this post. We’re still trying to get life back into some kind of routine now that my father in law is living with us. Also, I have finally finished my algebra class. Yesterday was the last day and I breathed a sigh of relief when I finished my final test. It’s been a very rough 7 weeks taking that class, along with everything else that has gone on, and I’m very glad it’s over. I’m also extremely proud of the A I earned in it. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve decided to take a 2 week break from school to try to catch up on other things that have fallen by the wayside, one being this blog. 🙂


Monday was a day for penguins. Strange, googly-eyed penguins. The girls got a PB&J penguin sandwich, whale cheddar crackers, some pear slices with sprinkles, yogurt, and a few leftover Halloween candies. (Boy did they get a ridiculous amount of Halloween candy this year!)


Tuesday was met with the last of the mini frozen waffles. My larders were low, so they got what I could find. There are four mini waffle PB&J sandwiches on the bottom tier and frozen edamame, applesauce, and some candy on the top. The girls have requested no more yogurt in their lunch, but they have said applesauce is A-OK.


Wednesday is pizza day at school, so they begged for school lunch. I wanted them to have something slightly healthy, so I sent these small boxes with about a quarter of an apple and a few grape tomatoes in it. Oh, and more Halloween candy for a treat.


Thursday was a rough morning for me. I had been up most the night with my FIL because he was feeling poorly and then had to teach a knitting class right after dropping the girls off at school. That meant that I had to actually get myself completely ready in the morning instead of just throwing some pants on to drop the girls off. So, since it was hectic and I was tired, I opted for a half can of ABC’s with meatballs. I also included a small box of applesauce and grape tomatoes.


By Friday, though, things were starting to look up. We’d had a home health nurse come to see my FIL and help get his meds straightened out, which really made him feel better. I got a full nights sleep and was able to make a proper lunch that morning. On the bottom tier we have PB&Js in the shape of a pig, an apple, and a tree. Delaney especially likes it when she gets the rather small, two bite sandwiches. I like them because it helps to use up as much of the bread as possible. I also threw in some goldfish on the bottom tier. On the top tier we have a Babybel cheese, apple chunks with sprinkles, a few grape tomatoes, and some jello. I had made the jello for my FIL and went ahead and put a bit in silicon cups so they’d be ready for lunches that day. It worked nicely and I think I need to do it more. 🙂

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Adventures in Bento: October 27-31, 2014

Well, I’m late again with my weekly post. I shouldn’t be surprised I’m late. I shouldn’t even be disappointed in myself, really. I mean, everything has gone chaotic in our house, so the fact that I’m even still making bento lunches is probably enough, much less blogging about them, lol. Here’s how it breaks down:

You all know my FIL has been in the hospital and can no longer live alone, so we decided he should move in with us. We thought we had until Nov. 6 to get our house ready for him to move in. However, the nursing home decided he was well enough to go home and the insurance decided to stop paying for him to be there, so we got 48 hours notice that he was going to have to be picked up by noon on Friday. They didn’t care that we weren’t ready and wouldn’t even give us one more day to ensure we could get his stuff down from his house in time.

So, we scrambled, and, with the very generous help of some amazing church friends and family we were able to bring down his bed, oxygen, meds, and TV, and then I picked him up in time. However, our house is small and, since we didn’t have time to do it properly, it’s disheveled and super crowded. We’re in full chaos mode now, and it’s hard to maintain any normal routines. I know things will settle down eventually and we’ll learn to live fine in this new dynamic, but right now it’s a mess.

Because of all that went own last week, I only managed to get 3 lunches made. But, hey, 3 is better than none, right?


Monday’s lunch included left over pizza. I just cut the piece into smaller triangles to get it to fit in the Bentgo lunchbox. I also added some yogurt with a few pumpkin sprinkles on that tier. On the top tier I placed some pear chunks, a graham cracker that had been sectioned, and a slew of Halloween candies that my great friend Cheryl sent me. Aren’t they gross and fun? In the little lidded container is some ranch dressing. Delaney likes to dip her pizza crust in ranch.

By the way, that is a Bentgo Sauce Container that the ranch is in. It’s a perfect companion to the Bentgo system. It holds enough dressing or sauce for dipping or a salad, and it fits in both tiers of the lunchbox, which makes it easier to fit it in a lunch. I like not having to reserve a special spot for it because that’s the only place it’ll fit. I can put it anywhere. 🙂


By Tuesday I was quickly learning that I had not prepared well enough in my shopping and I was running out of lunch stuff. So I started scouring the fridge and freezer to try to make it with what I had on hand. That meant using the last of the Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs from the freezer with ketchup for dipping. I buy these meatballs for dinner and there are always a few leftover in the bag. They’re perfect for the girls’ lunches and are always well received. On the top tier I put apple slices, goldfish, and more ghoul-y candies. Delaney said the teeth scared her, so she couldn’t eat them.

Wednesday was a bust for lunches. You see, Wednesday is pizza day for school lunch and the girls love pizza, so they often beg to buy lunch on Wednesday. This Wednesday I simply did not have the energy to fight them, so I let them buy lunch.


Thursday I discovered that I had no bread for a sandwich, no frozen stuff to put in place of a sandwich, and no energy to come up with something clever, so the girls got graham crackers with peanut butter. I expected groans when they saw it, but they were actually pretty keen about having that for lunch. Go figure. I surrounded the crackers with more crackers, as any mom would, LOL. It actually looks like a lot more than it really is. That tier is rather small and it’s only a small handful of goldfish in there. In the larger tier I put two silicon cups filled with apple chunks and a scarecrow pick for easier eating. I also included the last of the ghoul-y treats.

Friday was a complete wash. I was stressed out about having to get my FIL by noon and still didn’t have any bread in the house. Plus, I was running the Fall Fun Festival at our church that night and had a million things to do to get ready for that. I declared a “Mommy will go insane if she has to make lunch on top of everything else” day and let the girls buy lunch.

So, that’s my week in bento. This current week is going a wee bit better, at least as far as bento goes. I look forward to having better lunches to show you later on. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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