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Adventures In Bento: October 13-17, 2014

on October 23, 2014

Wow, I am so sorry this post is so late. For those of you who do not know me in real life, my father in law has been in the hospital because he’s got end stage COPD and got pneumonia again. While he was in the hospital, they found a precancerous polyp in his colon and wanted to take it out ASAP, however because of the COPD and pneumonia, he is very high risk for surgery. So, under the advice and council of all his doctors, we agreed to wait a few months to see if his lungs improve any. Another side effect of his hospital stay was that it was determined that he can no longer live alone. Since we are the only family he has, he is moving in with us. However, we only have a small 2 bedroom house, so we are moving into a bigger one in a month to accommodate him. These are all the incredibly hard decisions we had to make last week, paired with making the 1.5 hour drive from out house to the hospital several times.
So, as you can imagine, posting last week’s lunches in here has taken a back seat to all of this. However, I finally have a few minutes this morning, so let’s get to it, shall we? 🙂


On Monday I pulled out some of my Halloween cookie cutters and made the girls a Frankenstein and jack-o-lantern PB&J sandwiches. I also stuck a small tub of yogurt with on a minimal amount of sprinkles. (The girls have complained that the sprinkles look gross by lunchtime, so I have been asked to limit sprinkle-age 😦 ) Also on the bottom tier is a small handful of goldfish. On the top I went fairly simple with grapes, grape tomatoes with fall leaf picks, and edamame in a silicon cup. This lunch is packed in our Bentgo boxes.
I am actually really proud of myself for even making lunch this day. My FIL was admitted Sunday afternoon, which meant we drove all over God’s green earth Sunday night trying to find out what was going on, visit with him, and getting his necessary items from his house (which is 30 minutes from the hospital). By the time we finally got home, it was after midnight and I was fully running on fumes. So, the idea that I managed to get up the next morning and made something even halfway cute blows my mind. 🙂


By request, I made do it yourself pizzas again. The girls have requested these once a week, which is fine with me because they are dead easy to make. I just throw some sliced mozzarella and pizza sauce into lidded containers and cut up flat bread into strips. In the top tier, I added some crushed pineapple to put on top of the pizzas. If you recall from the last time I made this, the girls complained that they ran out of time to each everything, so I made this lunch lighter. I gave them half the amount of flat bread and limited the amount of non-pizza items. So, on the top tier, I just tossed in a few grapes, tomatoes and Hello Panda .


Wednesday’s lunch brought us some more fun Halloween cookie cutters, another jack-o-lantern and a cat. I also put a few Stauffer's Whales in a silicon cup and some fruit snacks on a star wand pick. Delaney loves these wand picks and often pulls them out to turn her sister into a frog. 🙂 On the top tier, I have some applesauce in a rectangle container, grapes and tomatoes (of course), and a few Halloween themed chocolate coins I got the dollar spot at Target.


Wednesday night was when we learned of my FIL’s cancer issue, so the night was chaotic. I slept poorly, so I went the easy route with lunches. The girls got leftover pizza (which they cheered about), some popcorn, tomatoes, a cookie, and apple slices. Quick and easy and one less thing i had to worry about that morning.

Unfortunately, by Friday I had to give up something because I was completely overwhelmed, so I let the girls buy lunch. It was the right decision that day, but I don’t want it to become a habit.

And, as it is Thursday, I have a whole other week’s worth of lunches to show you tomorrow. 🙂 Enjoy your Thursday.


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