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Adventures In Bento: October 6-10, 2014

on October 10, 2014

Well, this week was…different. Monday went like normal until the girls got ready for bed. Then Tatem noticed all these red dots on her feet, which we discovered to be hand-foot-mouth disease, a fairly minor virus that causes fever, sore throat and a rash on the hands, feet and face, hence the name. Because it’s pretty contagious, I had to keep her home from school most of the week. And, because she shared the germs with her sister, Delaney got sick and stayed home too. So, lunches are different than normal for this week.


As I mentioned, Monday was normal, so the girls went to school and took lunch. I opted to try out a recipe the girls were really excited about in Everyday Bento by Wendy Thorpe Copley, the build-it-yourself pizza. The girls loved the idea of this when they looked through the book, and I was keen because it is really easy.

In the bottom tier, I put flat bread cut into rectangles (circles wouldn’t fit), some pizza sauce in the round container, and shredded mozzarella in the rectangular container. I also threw in a few Pocky for a treat. Because my girls don’t really care for pepperoni, I opted to give them pineapple, since Hawaiian is their favorite type of pizza. (I meant to put some ham in there too, but forgot to buy it at the store.) So, the shaved pineapple is in the little silicon cup on the top tier. Also on that tier are some mini heirloom tomatoes and apple chunks. At the begging of my children, I used the Halloween pick and put a few raisins in it. Both girls came home and sang the praises of the pizza lunch. However, neither had time to finish their lunches because of the extra time it took to make each individual pizza. I think in future I will have to pack smaller lunches, or less pizza.


Tuesday was the first day I kept them home and they practically begged me for Chef Boyardee Whole Grain Abc's & 123's with Meatballs. As I’ve mentioned before, I do not give this to them often, but they were both home sick and it’s comfort food. They split a can, so I added some grapes, a half avocado, and cucumber slices. Delaney doesn’t like cucumber, so I only gave her two small slices. Tatem absolutely loves cucumber, so this is her tray with a whole bunch.

Even though Tuesday morning Delaney felt fine, by the afternoon she had the fever and was feeling poopy. In fact, she opted to go to bed at 6pm without any dinner. That is something this child never does, so I knew she really felt poory.


Delaney woke of Wednesday feeling slightly better, but she still had the fever all day and a small appetite. For this reason, I made soup. I know, I know, Maruchan Beef Ramen isn’t really any better than the Chef Boyardi, but it helps me feel better when my throat hurts and both girls had sore throats at this point. I also added a half PB&J and avocado. Tatem ate everything, but Delaney only managed the soup. You’ll be happy to know, though, that she was feeling much more herself and hungry by dinner time. 🙂


Yesterday, both girls felt fine, but I had to still keep them home because they were still contagious. When lunchtime came, they begged for something fun and Halloween-y, so I made ghost and bat turkey sandwiches, adding faces to the ghosts to add a bit of flair. I used Wilton Food Writer Edible Color Markers for the faces, and Wilton 4-Piece Grippy Halloween Cookie Cutter Set for the big ghost and bat. The little bat was made with a cutter Tatem found in my drawer and the little ghost was made with a tulip cutter I found at Daiso that I turned upside down. I threw in some Koala cookies, tomatoes, and cheese sandwich crackers for Delaney, pretzels for Tatem. Even though both girls were feeling good, the tomatoes were too acidic for their throats, so they were left uneaten.


I had hoped that both girls would be able to go back to school today, but Delaney still has the rash, so Tatem went alone. And she was not happy about that, let me tell you. In an effort to make up for that, I gave her the last of the Trader Joe’s mini tacos, and sour cream for dipping. I also included some graham crackers, grapes, mini carrots, and a half Pepperidge Farm Nantucket Cookie. Delaney started to complain that it wasn’t fair that Tatem got a cookie, but then I reminded her that she gets to spend all day at home with no one to fight over the TV with and she clammed up. 🙂

While it has been nice to spend this extra time with the girls this week, I’m glad they’ll be going back to school Monday. And, while I haven’t enjoyed their having H-F-M, it is much better than the stomach flu, really.

But, wait, there’s more! As I had stated in my post earlier this week, Ron has a new Bentgo lunch system. Well, since he has the pretty box with two tiers to fill up, I guess I will have to fill them both up each night. 🙂 I showed you what I made for Tuesday, here is what he ate on Thursday and today.


First off, I have to apologize for the poor quality of these photos, but I make his lunch at night and so have no natural light with which to photo them. Thursday’s lunch included some crockpot macaroni and cheese from this recipe over at 101 Cooking For Two. It was very yummy and super duper easy to make. In the top tier, I included grapes and a Wholly Guacamole mini. There were chips too, but they didn’t make it into the photo. See that little green container? That’s a Bentgo Sauce Container filled with Sriracha to put on the mac-n-cheese. It’s a great combo, let me tell you! 🙂


Today Ron got the last of the leftover One Pot Chili Pasta, recipe from Budgetbytes. When I first made this, there was so much extra that I put it in single serving containers in the freezer. It’s been great these past few weeks to be able to pull out a serving for Ron’s next day’s lunch on nights when there isn’t enough leftover dinner. I also tossed in a few mini heirloom tomatoes and carrots to dip on the hummus that is in the rectangular container.

So, that’s the lunches I managed this week. How did your week go?

PS- I recently purchased the domain, so if you’ve subscribed to, you might want to change your subscription so that you can continue to get my blog posts. 🙂


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  1. Ramen isn’t quite food, but it does make me feel better when I’m sick…I wonder why!

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