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on October 8, 2014

So, I think that I have made it pretty apparent how much I love the Bentgo system. I have simply fallen in love. So, when I received the green Bentgo box for free, I thought it would be perfect for my husband, Ron, to use for work. That night I packed him up a great lunch, putting the leftovers from dinner on the bottom tier and the cold foods on the top tier. I explained that he could just put the bottom tier in the microwave and be ready to eat. (He doesn’t like it when he has to separate the foods that need to be warmed up from the foods that are eaten cold, especially since he has to trek out to his car to eat.)
I patiently awaited his return from work, fully expecting him to also sing the praises of this new lunchbox system. However, when he come home, he said he didn’t like it. I was flabbergasted. How could he not totally love this perfect lunchbox system I had found? So, I asked him why he didn’t like it. He said that heating it up was fine and easy, but when he put it all back in the plastic grocery bag that he carried everything in, the whole thing came apart and the food fell out. So, of course I asked him if he’d bothered to put the box back together and the belt back on before he went out to his car. At which point he admitted that he had not. Apparently, he does not have time to do this simple step, and, yes, I fully understand how silly that sounds. πŸ™‚ But, that is Ron and I love him.

So, I lamented for a bit, trying to come up with a solution. And then I remembered that Bentgo makes insulated lunch bags that keep the boxes upright. So, I went ahead and took a chance and bought the whole system in grey for Ron.


I know that I didn’t need to buy a box since I had the green one, but, if I’m truly honest, I want the green one for myself. πŸ™‚ I went back and forth about buying the cup. Ron takes a bottle of water to work, so he doesn’t really need it for water. However, I sometimes make soups and it would be great to be able to send him soup for lunch. (that being said, we are currently using it for water)

So, I went ahead and packed him lunch for yesterday and showed him how easy it would be to heat up what needed to be heated up and place it back in the bag without worrying about putting it all back together or his food spilling all over. Here’s the lunch he took:


In the bottom tier I put some leftover creamy chicken enchiladas, recipe from Budgetbytes. (And so totally yummy!) Then, in the top tier, I added a handful of grapes and a WhollyGuacamole mini. You see, I recently one a contest on BentOnBetter Lunches (great bento blog!) and received a plethora of guacamole minis for us to enjoy. (They’re also very yummy! And I love that each mini is only 100 calories. A perfect sized snack) There’s also some tortilla chips for the guac and sour cream in the round container to put on top of the enchiladas.


As you can see, it all fit in the bag nicely. Since the box comes with silverware that fit in between the tiers, I didn’t have to figure out how to fit them in there. The bag has a strap that holds the cup in place, which is genius, IMO. It wasn’t an issue with this lunch, because I filled that extra space with chips and a cup of sour cream, but even if they weren’t there, the cup would have stayed in place. And, I love that they give you some extra space to put something like chips in the lunch. When I buy these bags for my girls, and I will eventually, I will be able to put their morning snack in that spot. Plus, you can see there’s a mesh slot in the lid. This is perfect for an icepack, napkin, or other small snack.


And there, all packed up and ready to go! I went ahead and packed it all up and put the whole bag and everything in the fridge, so all Ron had to do is grab it and go. (He leaves ridiculously early in the morning. If I can save him a step in the a.m., I do)

The verdict? Well, when he came home from work yesterday, he said it worked perfectly! So, yay! Success! Now he can appreciate the amazing-ness that is Bentgo! πŸ™‚


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