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New Bento Supplies!!!

on October 3, 2014

So sorry for the radio silence this week. As some of you may know, I am currently a full time online college student through Grand Canyon University, working on my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Yes, if I had been smarter, I would have listened to my mother and gone to college right after high school. However, I did not listen to my mother and am now working towards my degree at the age of 37. 🙂 Anyway, most of my classes have not been much of an issue since I have a large amount of time throughout the week to work on homework. However, I started algebra this week and it is kicking my tail end for sure. I have had to devote so many hours this week just trying to figure out how to do the homework. Algebra is taking over my life at the moment. I am even dreaming about it! Hopefully things will even out soon as I am starting to understand the foundations more. Wish me luck in this 7 week class!

Besides drowning in equations, I have been enjoying all the new bento supplies I happened to get over the past few weeks. I hadn’t planned to amass such bento treasures last week, but it just worked out that way. 🙂

First I headed over to Amazon, which is often my go to place when I am looking for something. I actually went there to buy a lap desk for my laptop. I normally work on my computer while sitting in a recliner and I have the computer on a small table in front of me. But I find that it’s not the most comfortable when I have to do a lot of writing, so I ordered a lap table. I’m not sure if the one I got is the perfect solution, though, as I cannot fit the computer and the mouse on it, but I am using it now and it’s ok. It’s better than the set up I had before, and was less than $10, so I’m calling it a win.

Anyway, while I was trolling my wishlist on Amazon, I remembered how much I have wanted to get some food safe markers. I often see them in use on bento blogs and love how their simple touch can really spruce up an otherwise boring lunch. And then, like when you give a mouse a cookie, things snowballed. I realized that if I ordered food safe markers, I would need some candy eyes to go with them. Only the cutest faces are made with candy eyes.


Then I realized that I would need new picks since Delaney managed to throw 2 of my 6 existing picks away. (she went over a year without tossing any supplies and then just forgot one day and tossed them) And I remembered how I wanted to get some cuter baran (food dividers) so I trolled Amazon for those too. However, I found the selection for picks and baran to be lacking so, even though I put a few in my cart and ordered them….

(please ignore the fruit cups in this photo. I did not get them at Amazon and will talk about them later)

….I decided to go over to AllThingsForSale and order some better baran. And that’s when I remembered how much I have wished that I had some longer picks. So, I located those and put them in my cart too. And that’s when I discovered they were having a sale. (See what I mean about snowball?) So, I found all manner of cute things for sale, but I made sure to limit myself to only a few. I got some super cute picks, including some autumn and Halloween themed ones and longer ones:


And I got some adorable baran.


And, if your eyes are keen, you might have noticed there’s some cute silicon cups in there two. I’m not quite sure how those managed to jump into my cart. (*wink)

So, I made those two orders and figured I was done with bento supply buying for at least a little while. However, then my friend who lives very close to a Daiso store, invited me to come out to her neck of the woods to go indoor rock climbing. Well, I couldn’t drive all the way out there without stopping by the Daiso, now could I?

Now, I’ll admit that I went a little bit crazy in the Daiso store. But, in my defense, it was my first time in one and I was a little overwhelmed, and everything is only $1.50! Anyway, here’s most of what I walked out with:


(Just the silicon cups from this photo I posted up above. There’s apple cups too, but it was in use when I took this photo)


Little snack sized bento boxes with clip lids. I got these for those days when I send the girls lunches in a thermos and they just need a few grapes and tomatoes or something on the side.


Wee cups for holding sauces and such. I have the teeny cups I use for ketchup, but needed something a bit larger for yogurt and such. Please note, I only got the clear ones from Daiso. The green ones were a gift from Bentgo. In one of the Bentgo boxes I ordered 2 weeks ago was a coupon for free sauce cups. I sent them the required email to get them and the sauce cups were on my doorstep 2 days later! They’re adorable, just like the whole Bentgo system. Seriously, this is my new total favorite bento lunch system.


And, lastly, super cute strawberry stacking bento boxes! I just couldn’t pass them up. They’re not quite as easy to pack as the Bentgo, but they’re good for a lunch now and again. Daiso had a plethora of boxes to choose from, but many were very small. While I can do somewhat small for my girls, they are getting older and wanting to eat a bit more for lunch now. However, if you have a preschooler, Daiso would be an amazing place to buy bento boxes.

Now, that’s not all that I got from Daiso, but the rest I haven’t photographed and isnt’ really bento supplies. I got some storage jars for lunch food and some more treats like Hello Panda and Pocky, among other things. I can say, though, that Daiso is awesome and it’s probably a good thing there isn’t one close to me because I would be there all the time. 🙂

One other thing before I go. Above I mentioned how one of the Bentgo boxes had a coupon for free sauce cups? Well, on Monday I got an email from Bentgo saying I had been randomly selected to give them product feedback, and that, in return for my feedback, they’d sent me a free bento box! Well, you know I jumped on that opportunity and wrote back to them quickly with a long email singing their praises. Tuesday morning my mail carrier greeted me with a box containing the green Bentgo box!!! I’m so excited and it’s so pretty! Bentgo just keeps going up and up in my book!


2 responses to “New Bento Supplies!!!

  1. I am very jealous of the fact that you have a Daiso. I want one so bad, but I am in the middle of nowhere inland. 😦

    I have that strawberry box too, the red one. It is quite adorable. I got a set of two little strawberry boxes with it so I could use the whole set as a full meal.

    • knittingdodo says:

      I have to agree. I’m in the perfect position. The Daiso is close enough for me to go to whenever I really need to, but not so close I end up spending too much money there every week. 🙂

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