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Special Weekend Family Bentos!

on September 14, 2014

On Saturdays we often drive up to my father in law’s house, which is an hour away, and take care of things he needs. He’s in very poor health now, and can no longer do his own shopping or heavy housework. We’re also working to get him moved down closer to us to make it easier to care for him. The hour drive is not only time consuming, but it costs a decent amount in gas. And then there’s the fact that we need to eat….

Up until recently, we’ve ended up picking up fast food on the way home. However, we hate to do that. It’s super expensive, high calorie, not all that good tasting crap. Last time we went up, I packed a few snacks for the girls and that seemed to help, but Ron and I were starving by the time we got home, so this time I decided I should put all my bento knowledge to a good use and made us all bento lunches to eat on the road home.


You’ll only see two photos because Ron’s and my lunches were exactly the same, and so were the girls’. Ron and I got salami, turkey, and cheddar sandwiches on yummy Hawaiian hamburger buns. I used some of Trader Joe’s Herb Salad Mix for the greens and I have found I prefer this to iceberg lettuce any day. Also included was a half Golden Delicious apple and a handful of goldfish crackers. I realize this lunch is rather bland looking, but we were in a bit of a hurry and I spent more time on the girls’ lunches.


They got a half tortilla PB&J roll up, apple breakfast bar from Trader Joe’s, grape tomatoes, pretzels and colorful carrots. Super surprisingly, Delaney at all her carrots lickety split and Tatem had to be reminded to finish them. Then I added two new treats. The first are the gum drops. When I stopped by Trader Joe’s the other day, Delaney was anxious to get a treat. I don’t normally give into them when they ask for treats, but it was the end of the week and they’d been good. Delaney spotted the gum drops and asked in her cutest way, “Please, Mommy!”. They were only $1.99 and there was plenty in the bag to be able to use for several lunches, so I agreed. I like them because they’re not you’re regular flavors, they’re citrus. So there’s grapefruit, tangerine, lemon,and key lime. And they’re pretty yummy. The other new thing is the Babybel cheese. As I mentioned recently, the girls have said they would try cheese in their lunches since they see the cute things that can be done with it. I especially love these Babybels and see them all over bento blogs, so I was happy to try them. I cut out a simple star from the wax and held my breath when the girls opened their lunch in the car. Not only did they love the star, but they both took one bite and declared the cheese super yummy! Score! Of course, I won’t be putting it in every lunch because it can get pretty pricey, but I love that I can add it to the lunch options.


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