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Proof That I’m Raising Them Right

on September 9, 2014

The title of this blog is totally tongue in cheek, but I thought I needed to share with you how Tatem’s lunch box came home last night. It made me giggle.

Now, those of you who know me in real life, know I like things organized. (That does not refer to housework, Mom, btw) CDs, DVDs, books, and the like are always in order by author/artist and I get great joy out of going through my cedar chest and reorganizing my yarn. Or, even better, organizing someone else’s yarn! I love things that stack and love having a place for all the little stuff. That’s why when I opened Tatem’s lunch last night, I felt a little swell of pride…


In the lunch were 2 regular sized silicon cupcake liners, which she stacked and then topped with a smaller silicon cupcake liner and her container of ranch. But my favorite part was that she took the green food dividers I had use and fanned them out like a flower.

For those of you who are wondering, Delaney’s lunchbox was a hot mess. Not only did she not stack anything, but she didn’t hardly eat anything either. That lead to a long discussion with both girls about what they want in their lunch. I have noticed that the ranch isn’t getting touched when I add it for celery or carrots. Both girls have decided they do not care for ranch, which really isn’t a bad thing since it’s really not healthy, but it’s something I have used in the past to get them, Delaney especially, to eat veggies. So, we talked and at first they both were saying I should just not put celery or carrots in their lunch, but I pointed out that that really wasn’t an option. They need veggies and I am not going to give them grape tomatoes every single day. (I realize tomatoes are a fruit, but they’ll always be veggies in my head) So I asked if they would eat the celery if I put some peanut butter in their little containers and they both liked that idea and then requested ants on a log some days instead of a sandwich, which I’m happy to comply with. Then we all three sat down at the table and started going through Everyday Bento photo by photo and they each were able to tell me what they would like or wouldn’t like. (They’ve looked through the book before, but never this closely.)

All in all, it was a very good talk. I was able to convey to the girls how important it was that they eat what I put in their lunch because we don’t have the money to waste the food; and they were able to tell me what they don’t like. And then together we were able to come up with alternatives to replace the stuff they wanted me to take out. It was very productive. I would suggest every parent have a discussion like this with their kids. It can really make lunches more satisfying for everyone.

And we all agreed that there are certain new bento tools that I must get ASAP. For instance, food safe markers. Wendy uses them several times in both her book and blog and the girls have always been especially keen on those lunches, so I really must pick them up.

So tell me in the comments, what’s the bento supply you’re just dying to buy?


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