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Bento Supply Expose: Clapping March Double

on September 5, 2014

As I said a few days ago, I am planning on taking my bento supplies and doing somewhat in depth posts about them. When I first started buying bento stuff, especially the boxes, I had such a hard time imagining how big they really were and how to use them. I’m hoping these posts will help future bento newbies.

The first piece of equipment I’d like to discuss is probably my favorite bento box that I have at the moment. I have about 4 boxes that I use for the girls’ lunches and none of them are the more hip, but way awesome, boxes that you see in many of the blogs. It’s not that I don’t want the awesome hip boxes, I so totally do, but I can’t really work their higher prices into my budget right at the moment, especially when I still have four perfectly good boxes to use. One day I will be back in the working force and will buy bento boxes galore, but until then, let’s discuss this totally awesome, yet very reasonably priced Clapping March Double box.



As you can see, it’s a stacking bento box and I personally love the stacking boxes. They look so sleek and clever. I love that I can make each layer different, instead of piling all the food together. I often use one layer for the sandwich and crackers, and the other for the produce.


The two main tiers are slightly different in size. The smaller one, which goes on the bottom, is 6″ long, just under 2.5″ wide, and almost 1″ deep. The smaller lid fits on it nicely and provides a fitted seat for the larger tier. The larger tier is essentially 1/8 larger than the smaller. So it is 6 1/8″ long, 2 5/8″ wide and 1 1/8″ deep. I find that the top tier is exactly the right size for silicone baking cups. I can fit two in there, fill them with fruit or veggies, and then still have a bit of room in between for a small something. The top tier also has a lid, (the bigger white one in the photo) and it’s meant to hold chopsticks. However, my girls do not use chopsticks, so I use that quarter inch deep tier to hold flat things like cookies. It’s perfect for that. And then the cookies are kept safe by the clear lid that has the cute animal scene on it. Since the clear lid is raised, there’s about 3/4 of an inch of space on that top tier with the lid on. It’s all held together by an elastic band and looks like this when assembled.


And here’s a top view in which you can see the awesome cookie level.


Cute, huh? And if you’re worried about being able to get enough food in there, it’s plenty spacious for a small child’s lunch. I use it for both my 9 and 6 year olds and they’ve never once come home saying they didn’t have enough food at lunch. I will say, however that it does limit me on the shape of the sandwich cutter I can use, since it’s so narrow. I only have 2 right now that make sandwiches that fit. However, elephants and penguins are super cute, so I’m not too upset about it. Here are 2 examples of what I did with these lunch boxes last year.


Now, I’ve seen these in Etsy stores before, but cannot find them there now. However, they are for sale on Amazon at the moment for a very good price. And that’s one thing I really like about these boxes, the price. On my limited budget, it’s nice to now I can spend less than $8 and get a really cute box for my girls to take their lunch in.

So there you have it. Please let me know in the comments if there’s anything else you’d like to know about these boxes. I’m happy to answer any questions if I can.


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