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Adventures in Bento: September 1-5, 2014

on September 5, 2014

This week was a short one with Monday being a holiday, so I only have four kid lunches to show you this week. Overall, I felt much more comfortable making this week’s lunches than I did last week. I guess it’s like riding a bike, you never forget how, but you’re a little wobbly after a long hiatus from it. :o)


Tuesday’s lunch included a star PB&J sandwich, pretzel sticks, grape tomatoes cut in half, the last of the champagne grapes, and 2 birthday cake flavored Oreos. I don’t normally buy Oreos because I’ll eat them all if they’re in the house, but our church had a family game night and I brought cookies and chips to contribute to the snacks and these were leftover. The girls loved them and I did very good in not eating one. :o) This is packed in a Daiso oval box.

About the champagne grapes, which Delaney thought were small, purple blueberries, they are great for bento lunches if you can find them. They very small, which makes them perfect for filling in little leftover spots you may have in the box. Plus, if your kids are anything like my kids, they’ll love the fact that the grapes are teeny.


At the request of Tatem, on Wednesday I made mini waffle PB&Js again. Please excuse the slightly fuzzy photo. I make all the lunches and take photos in the mornings and some mornings I’m more put together than others, lol. In addition to the waffles, the girls got cheese sandwich crackers from Trader Joe’s, fresh raspberries with a bear fork, Cinnamon Schoolbook cookies, also from Trader Joe’s, and grape tomatoes cut in half. I cut the tomatoes because they seem to fit better in these boxes that way. This lunch was packed in the Clapping March box I just posted about yesterday.


Yesterday morning was a very stressful one. I ended up having to go in for jury duty and needed to be there about 15 minutes before my daughters’ school opened up for drop off. I already knew that I would be late for jury duty since I wasn’t about to drop my girls off at school a half hour before it was open, but I was rushing to try to get us all there the minute the gates opened. That meant leaving about 15 minutes earlier than normal, which is hard on its own, but I also had to get myself ready to go as well. Now, I never drop my kids off while still in my jammies, but I normally just throw on clothes and don’t worry about anything else since I’m going straight back home anyway. But days when I have to go somewhere else right after dropping them off are always more hectic than normal ones, and yesterday was no exception. So, because I was in a rush, I grabbed the super easy, mom needs a day off lunch boxes. These are great for those kinds of days because they are already separated and all I have to do if fill up the four small¬†containers.

So, I gave the girls some puzzle shaped PB&Js, apple, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, ranch dip in the panda cup, and bbq chips (which were also left over from the church game night). I did try to spruce up the lunch a wee bit by putting in some apple flowers, but otherwise everything just got tossed in.


I wanted to make up for the somewhat sloppy lunch from yesterday, so I walked into the kitchen this morning determined to make the girls a proper bento lunch. However, it’s shopping day and so my fridge was pretty bare. I did manage to put enough together, but I am looking forward to restocking today.

Today’s lunch is in the Clapping March box again and included turkey hot dogs that I pan fried in a small amount of butter to give them a great flavor. I added a giraffe fork to eat them with and a small tub of ketchup in the bunny cup for dipping. On the top tier, I put two baking cups filled with nectarine pieces and some cheese sandwich crackers. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I used the chopsticks tier to house some Schoolbook cookies. For Delaney’s, I opted to spell out a word, belts, because she’s focusing on her reading in class, but Tatem has been bringing home multiplication pages, so I gave her a simple multiplication problem. She watched me as I built the problem and I made her answer before I put the 8 cookie down.

So that’s it for the girl’s lunches this week. I didn’t manage to do much for Ron, but I did get one semi bento made for him yesterday. (Since his lunches are mainly leftovers from dinner and he leaves for work before I get out of bed, I make his lunches the night before. That’s why his Thursday lunch wasn’t rushed like the girls’ was)


I say it was semi bento because I didn’t do much to it, really. For dinner on Wednesday we had masala chicken thighs, brown rice, and soycutash from Trader Joe’s. Ron got the leftovers and I just cut up the chicken and laid in on the bed of rice. Trust me, it tasted much better than it looks. :o)


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