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Adventures in Bento: Adult Bento

on September 3, 2014

When I got Wendy Thorpe Copley’s book, Everyday Bento, which you should totally get right now because it’s awesome, my husband Ron looked through it as well. Things were going great until he discovered the section in the back entitled Bentos for Grown-Ups. Then all of a sudden Ron gave me permission to make him bento lunches as well. Permission. Like I had been begging him to be able to do it for months and he finally decided to let me. Hah! Anyway, I haven’t fully agreed to do it for him on a daily basis, mainly because we need some more bento boxes to do that as most all the ones I have are for kids, but I did do a few days of bento for him last week.


The first day was a bit reminiscent of a picnic in the park. In it I included salami slices, herb cracker rounds, sliced gouda, brie, and Celtic cheddar, grape tomatoes, and champagne grapes. Ron loved it. I did another later in the week, but forgot to take a photo. Don’t fret, though, it looked pretty much the twin of this one.

I was happy to be able to finally use this box, which I’ve had for a year and never used. It’s rather deep and narrow, which made it a challenge to use for the girls. Plus, I only have one and I tend to make matching lunches for the girls still at this point. However, it worked well enough for this lunch, so at least it’s not going to waste.


This lunch is from yesterday. And, again, I was able to use a lunchbox that I can’t really use for the girls. This one I do have a match to, in pink, but they’re simply too big for what the girls eat right now. However, it was perfect for a daddy sized lunch. In it I included a ham sandwich cut in half and stacked, some cantaloupe and pineapple chunks, green and black olives, and baby carrots and hummus. (the carrots are under the hummus and olives.)

For the past several years, Ron has just taken leftover dinner to eat for lunch. Since he has to be at work so very early and never seems to get enough sleep, he often eats his lunch fast and then naps for the rest of his break. For that reason, I have never given much thought to his lunches and just put them in whatever plastic container I had on hand. However, if he really likes these new bento lunches, then I don’t mind putting them together for him. It’ll give me an excuse to buy more bento supplies, lol!


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