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Adventures In Bento: Day 15

on October 14, 2013

Adventures In Bento: Day 15

Friday marked the third straight week of bento lunches. And while I managed to get the bento lunch done properly, I fully failed to blog it. Ah well, I can blog it today, can’t I?

Friday the girls requested leftover mac-n-cheese. I threw in a few chicken hot dogs to add a bit of protein and they got that in a thermos. Since they had all that, I just used one of the snack boxes I have and threw in some apple flowers, celery sticks and ranch, and a few yogurt raisins. Unfortunately, I apparently gave them a wee bit too much of the main dish because their snack box wasn’t touched when I picked them up from school. No matter, though, they polished that all off on the walk home.


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