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Adventures In Bento: Day 14

on October 10, 2013

Adventures In Bento: Day 14

Today was a double whammy for food preparation. On Thursday morning after dropping the girls off, I go to a nearby church and attend a MOPs (Mothers Of Preschoolers) meeting. Each week, one of the moms at our table is responsible for providing breakfast. Today was my day.

I got up early so that the breakfast casserole I’d prepared last night could go into the oven and be properly cooked. Then I proceeded to cut up apples to go with the casserole. Since I had enough apples and wanted to try out a new recipe, I decided to make the girls apple PB&Js today. (You can get the recipe from It’s a very simple process, just slice the apples and pretend they’re the bread. I used one apple and got 2 sandwiches for each of the girls out of it. I wasn’t sure the girls would really like them, but both said they were great for lunch and would like to have them again. Score!

Also in their lunch was pretzel sticks, the last of the nectarine and grape tomatoes, some fruit leather flowers, and some vanilla wafers. Oh, and my mom, who’s getting into the bento spirit, came by last night with a bag of bento supplies she’d found at Salvation army. Rock on! That cool leaf pick you see what part of her score. :o)


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