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Adventures In Bento: Day 11

on October 7, 2013

Adventures In Bento: Day 11

Happy Monday, everyone! This morning was a rough one for me to get out of bed. I didn’t sleep well last night and hit the snooze button a few too many times this morning. The girls were moving at a snail’s pace as well this morning, so we were late getting them to school.

But, I did manage to make their lunches, so at least I accomplished something. ;o) Now let’s see if I can get laundry done too today. I will consider that I successful day if I can.

Today’s lunch included a panda PB&J using my CuteZCute cutters. These are adorable, folks, and you get 4 different animals in the package, a panda, pig, cat, and frog. I really like how you have the option of cutting out the face features, like I did this morning, or just stamping them.

Since the sandwiches are pandas, I thought it only appropriate that the girls get “bamboo” pretzels. :o) (though Delaney was sure to explain to me that those aren’t really made of bamboo and that she couldn’t really eat bamboo because she’s not, in fact, a panda. That child is so literal sometimes.)

On the top tier, we have some fresh nectarine cut into chunks and served in a silicon cup with a bear fork. (I didn’t have any panda forks or else I would have used that) I would have liked to have given them a wee bit more nectarine, but Delaney ate half of it after dinner last night and so they only got a quarter of the fruit each. I also included grape tomatoes and some more of the TJ’s ghoulie gummies.


2 responses to “Adventures In Bento: Day 11

  1. bagladyrox says:

    Loved the panda sandwich!
    Check out my blog from one blogger to another:)

    • knittingdodo says:

      Thanks, Roxanne! I have taken a few glances at your blog, but had to wait until you were done with your scary movie posts. I’m a total scaredy cat. :o)

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