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Adventures in Bento: Day 9

on October 4, 2013

Adventures in Bento: Day 9

I’m very sorry this post is late. Yesterday was an unpleasant and busy day. Thursdays are always busy, as I have a morning and evening meeting as well as afternoon babysitting on Thursdays. But yesterday was worse than usual with the added fact that my bicycle that I use to do everything I do when I don’t have the girls with me was stolen during my morning meeting. I had it inside a church building and someone walked into the church and took my bike. It’s very upsetting, as you can imagine, and it completely threw off my entire day.

But, here I am, back to post about yesterday’s lunch. I used the square Rubbermaid LunchBlox container yesterday. I have to admit that the 3 past days of using the two tiered Bento boxes threw me off my single tiered game and I struggled at first to figure out how to fit all this in. But, as you can see, in the end I worked it out. This lunch included PB&J puzzle sandwiches, orange slices, celery and ranch dip in the blue tub, Trader Joe’s cheese cracker sandwiches, and some vanilla wafers, of which Tate, declared she could eat a whole bath tub full.

Some people have asked me if I waste a lot of food doing lunches these ways, and I have to respond with a resounding no. Really, the only thing I ever throw away is a little bit of crust. And, a bonus, I’m really forced to only give my girls exactly what they will eat, so most days their lunches come home empty. And the days they’re not empty, they get emptied on the walk home. Sure, the girls are ready for a snack afterschool, but that’s the way they should be. I’d rather they eat their food all up and be a bit peckish after school, than leave a massive amount of food in their lunch boxes that has to be thrown away and still be hungry after school. :o)


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