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Adventures in Bento: Day 1

on October 1, 2013

Adventures in Bento: Day 1

My first real attempt at this style of lunch making. I won’t say it was a failure, but I will say that the lunchbox was entirely too big. I ended up having to put more and more food in it to fill it up. I learned this would be a good box for an adult lunch, but not for my little girls.

In it is a person shaped turkey sandwich, some Cheeze-its, a mixed berries muffin, apple sauce pouch, string cheese and a mini raisin box in the first section. The second section has some apple slices on the bottom and ants on a log on top. They girls were thrilled with the ants on a log especially.

I also learned that I need to make sure the cookie cutters are deep before I decided to put condiments on them. I was thinking it would be best to cut the sandwiches after I made them, but after putting mayo on all the bread, I discovered the cookie cutter I was using was very shallow and could only do one slice of bread at a time. I was very messy after cutting the bread, as you can imagine.


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