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Adventures In Bento: Day 21

Adventures In Bento: Day 21

This morning I finally realized what the thing I’d forgotten to get a the grocery store was…..Bread. So, the girls got bagel sandwiches again. And they’ll probably get bagel sandwiches again tomorrow since I still didn’t manage to get bread today. Ah well.

They also got some goldfish crackers, vanilla wafers, and grapes. The lunch looked like it might not stick to their ribs, so I threw in a banana on the side. Tatem liked that because she got to eat the banana at first recess and that held her over til lunch.

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Adventures in Bento: Day 20

Adventures in Bento: Day 20

Woot! Woot! 4 weeks of Bento-ing! I’m very proud of myself!

Today the girls got bagel turkey sandwiches with strawberry cream cheese spread, apple wedges, TJ’s cheese and crackers sandwiches, and some craisins in new silicon pouches that also came with the new Bento boxes I recently told you about. Adorable!

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Adventures In Bento: Day 19

Adventures In Bento: Day 19

New Bento boxes in action! Yippee!

These boxes are the perfect size for Elephant sandwiches, don’t you think? Along with those, the girls got fudge grahams, Craisins, tomatoes, sliced grapes with a bear fork, and cheese cracker sandwiches from TJs.

The girls truly loved the new boxes!

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New Bento Stuff!

New Bento Stuff!

I have been blessed with some truly wonderful people in my life. One of these said people is my dear knitting friend, Kimmie. Kimmie very generously purchased some great Bento boxes for the girls! Aren’t they cute?

The two marching band ones are two tiered and you will see them in my next post. The other two are single tiered and I’m thinking they’d be perfect for the days when the girls take something in their thermos and just need a snack box on the side.

Thanks, Kimmie! You’re swell!!

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Adventures In Bento: Day 18

Adventures In Bento: Day 18

Ugh. Today I woke up not feeling very well, so lunch is rather simple. I had hoped to put a shaped hard boiled egg into the girls’ lunches, but ran out of time to shape them. So, they’re in the molds in the fridge and should be perfect for tomorrow’s lunches.

In today’s lunch, we have the last of the wild berry muffins, some deli turkey rolls, Better Cheddar crackers, and fudge grahams on the bottom tier. On the top tier, I continued with the simple theme and just put in some tomatoes and grapes. Though, I did add a lion pick to make things a bit more cute.

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Adventures in Bento: Day 17

Adventures in Bento: Day 17

Sorry, I’m a day late!

Yesterday, the girls got a bunch of leftovers. Leftover chicken hot dogs with ketchup and leftover corn. I also put in some fresh stuff. Like, freshly made muffins that the girls helped me make, fresh grapes and a vanilla wafer. Oh, and Ron brought home 2 itty bitty apples from a work friend’s tree. I was going to cut them up for the girls, but they both requested to get them whole since they were so small and cute. Delaney said it was the perfect apple since it was just a few bites.

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Adventures In Bento: Day 16

Adventures In Bento: Day 16

I got to use my CuteZCute set again today, but made frogs instead of pandas. And I opted to stamp instead of cut out the face. To add a bit of depth, I cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth out of a fruit leather. While she watched me do this, Tatem exclaimed, “Mom, you’re amazing!”

Score one for mom, woot!

Along with their frog turkey sandwiches, the girls got some Better Cheddar crackers, gummy ghoulies, grapes and tomatoes with a flower pick.

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Adventures In Bento: Day 15

Adventures In Bento: Day 15

Friday marked the third straight week of bento lunches. And while I managed to get the bento lunch done properly, I fully failed to blog it. Ah well, I can blog it today, can’t I?

Friday the girls requested leftover mac-n-cheese. I threw in a few chicken hot dogs to add a bit of protein and they got that in a thermos. Since they had all that, I just used one of the snack boxes I have and threw in some apple flowers, celery sticks and ranch, and a few yogurt raisins. Unfortunately, I apparently gave them a wee bit too much of the main dish because their snack box wasn’t touched when I picked them up from school. No matter, though, they polished that all off on the walk home.

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Adventures In Bento: Day 14

Adventures In Bento: Day 14

Today was a double whammy for food preparation. On Thursday morning after dropping the girls off, I go to a nearby church and attend a MOPs (Mothers Of Preschoolers) meeting. Each week, one of the moms at our table is responsible for providing breakfast. Today was my day.

I got up early so that the breakfast casserole I’d prepared last night could go into the oven and be properly cooked. Then I proceeded to cut up apples to go with the casserole. Since I had enough apples and wanted to try out a new recipe, I decided to make the girls apple PB&Js today. (You can get the recipe from It’s a very simple process, just slice the apples and pretend they’re the bread. I used one apple and got 2 sandwiches for each of the girls out of it. I wasn’t sure the girls would really like them, but both said they were great for lunch and would like to have them again. Score!

Also in their lunch was pretzel sticks, the last of the nectarine and grape tomatoes, some fruit leather flowers, and some vanilla wafers. Oh, and my mom, who’s getting into the bento spirit, came by last night with a bag of bento supplies she’d found at Salvation army. Rock on! That cool leaf pick you see what part of her score. :o)

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Adventures In Bento: Day 13

Adventures In Bento: Day 13

Today’s lunches are a little sorry, I have to warn you. I realized that I only had two pieces of bread left….in the entire house. So I had to make do, but the penguins came out a little off since the bread was the pieces close to the heels and so a bit smaller than normal. Ah well. I’m sure they’ll still taste as good. :o)

So today the girls got PB&J penguins, swimming with some gold fish, and wearing yogurt covered pretzel snow shoes. (Use your imagination, alright?) On the top tier, I threw in some fresh nectarine and celery sticks. The ranch dressing for the celery wouldn’t fit on the top tier, so I put it on the bottom. Let’s pretend it’s, um, a buoy. Yeah, that works! A buoy floating in the ocean with the goldfish!

It could happen…

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